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Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

Colorful Façade Minimalist House

, that is first word that anybody said about this home façade that is my second design. Green, dark yellow & orange that color of the home facade. Natural stone apply at the gate make the vocal point at this facade. Terrace second floor is design like box with orange color & minimalist black fence to balance with the gate bellow. Corner window, comb motif with gray color & green list outside make this corner not lost the eye cathing.
Experience with the first design, this home I try to make low cost with not to many ornament & trying to use color to apply in this façade.
With the 225m2 (15x15m), the owner ask to build only a half of the land. This house will be design with 2 level.

First floor
In the second design for the layout I use photoshop to make this layout is more real with the furniture/ electronic & other appliance so the owner can imagine more real with their home future before realized to build. First floor, 2 bedroom, guest area, living room, kitchen, store, mushola, wash area & small garden (for this garden I not really sure if will be good design, just as per owner request). So small space but so many room in this house, no choice but try to organize to make the owner satisfactory.

Second floor
Second floor is only contains 1 bedroom, living room & bathroom. Window at bedroom with the 2 angle, side of house & front. Second floor also equipped with terrace.

In this picture, bathroom for master bedroom is located bellow stairway to maximize the space. Window every room & at stairway guaranteed the sunlight will be entered in all room.


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