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Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Horse Saddle Roof Facade (Minimalist Style)

Front Elevation
 This is my first design for architectural house project, get order from my sister friend. Two floor house with minimalist concept, combination white, gray, orange color & wood finishing make this house facade is dynamic. Many profile/ ornament list I add in the façade to make this house look smooth because that time I not confidence with the façade that only have a few ornament, but maybe this will be make the façade is to crowded. But this is my first trial to design of house completely, start from design layout, furniture arrangement, electrical, detail of window/ door, etc until the cost estimation.
Software that I used for 3D is auto-cad v2000.

Layout plan

Total area 144m2 (12x12m), first floor is consist of 1-master bedroom, 1-guest room, guest area, kitchen, living room,  wash area, store, dinning room, carport, outdoor garden & small indoor garden. Second floor consist of 2-bedroom with living area & study room. The second floor is only build a half area (about 54m2).

Idea façade of this design is about horse saddle roof  with combination of orange gate than added with comb motif & window at corner that make this house is modern minimalist look. So many think that want to apply on this façade because this is my first original design. Orange gate added with square wood for  rain protection & night lamp I think is make this gate is sweet.

When design this house, I make sure if the all room is have sufficient air & light circulation. Roof above small indoor garden inside house have high roof & transparent roof to provide natural light enough. Service area (carport, kitchen, bathroom & wash area) is in one area to make the circulation is not disturb private activity.
This area is connected to dinning room to make easy during serve food from kitchen to dinning room with small gate.

Living Area
Plafond design at this area is equipped with backdrop to make the lighting effect.
Indoor Small garden
Small garden is located at the center of living area, so can enjoy from living room, dinning room & master bedroom. Background of the garden by natural stone to make this garden is natural & added by fountain.

Cost estimation
Cost of construction this house that time (dec 2006) is estimated Rp.240 million. With 180m2 building area (first floor-126 m2, second floor-126 m2) so the cost average is Rp.1.3 million, that time standard cost of building is Rp.1.5 ~ Rp.1.6 million.
My correction for next design :
-         to many ornament at this façade
-         concrete roof is smooth but the cost is expensive
-         layout need to re-arrangement (1st design is not bad)


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