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Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Simple Minimalist (Chick façade)

Hope sometime I can buy land and develop from this layout to design my house with add fishpond/ garden…”dream” :P

Simple design, that is my third design. Not many ornament, just green gate with hollow c/w white list & comb motif as the vocal point at the column but make me satisfied with this facade. Green list along façade in elevation 3.3m to make the topside not empty. Door & window with wood purpose to give accent to this façade besides black  color at gate roof & carport column.

3 bedroom, guest area, living room, kitchen, store, wash area, dinning room, carport & medic room…that all must be design in 8x13m (104m2). Need 1 month to design this house because load of my work at office. But, I’m happy can finish this design at the time & bring to my sister for approval…..”no comment”.
2 bedroom I can manage to equipped with sunlight window, but 1 room I can’t get good window. Maybe if the land still have space at side, this is will be great layout that I design. Master bedroom equipped with bathroom & this room have window to carport, only see car “no choice”….wkwkk
Service area is in one location, so that is make better circulation to do anything without disturb the other room.

Fence only from square hollow & simple design, as per the theme.

Black column also as the support of blue canopy to balance main house/ gate.



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Zul mengatakan...

desain yang keren gan... jd pengen punya rumah spt ini... hiks... agan desain sediri yh... mantabbbbbb... !! :)

myone1way mengatakan...

tq om zul nah berkunjung...iy nich ada pesenan

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