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Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Electric distribution pole location 1 m inside road from pavement/ pedestrian at Ahmad Yani road – Handil 2

Not safety, but who is responsible for this matter ? no communication during installation of electric distribution pole or no thinking about future or mistake during design of roadway. PLN (government electrical department) or Dinas PU (general work official department) must responsible or District Government ?

This case is appear when PU start to separate of Ahmad Yani road to be 2 way for accommodate handil growth. The existing electric distribution pole is located in two side of roadway. PU build pedestrian and widening the road, one side of road is widening but the other side is not widening due to the widening of one side is enough to accommodate the road upgrade. The road widening & pedestrian cause one row of existing electrical distribution pole in 1 meter inside of road. Normally the electrical distribution pole is outside of pedestrian, but this pole is inside of road. If PLN (government electrical department) relocate the electrical distribution, that is need a large of budged and need shutdown. But if the electrical distribution is not relocated it’s will be cause accident and added the road condition that so many hole (the hole is only closed with soil that the dust caused exhalation affected.
Who’s aggrieved ? Public that pay tax…
Where is Government ???…..Like Usually “No Action”, that is Government Habits

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