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Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Indonesian Rifle SS1 Spesification

One of the masterpiece Indonesian product, SS1 abbreviation of senapan serbu (assault rifle) product of PT.Pindad. This rifle is license by FNC, FN rifle company Belgium.  Fabricated on 1991, SS1 start to substitute M16, Steyr AUG and AK-7 for Indonesian Police and Army. Embargo from USA also encourage make Indonesia try to Independent in military weapon.  
  • SS1-V1 - Variants basis for SS1. Laras standard with folding stock.
  • SS1-V2 - short variant of SS1, barrel shortened.
  • SS1-V3 - a standard variant with fixed stock.
  • SS1-V4 - Similar to variant V1, coupled with a telescope.
  • SS1-V5 - Varian smallest of all variants with a barrel of 252 mm and weighs 3.37 kg and folding stock. Designed for technicians, operators artillery, tank crews, paukan rear lines, and special forces.
  • SS1-R5 Raider - Sub-V5 variant designed specifically for the latest special forces TNI Raider . R is short for Raider and R5 made ​​specifically for this battalion alone. SS1-R5 has a more sleek and lightweight design.
  • SS1 Series M - Created for the Marine corps . With a special painting process to withstand sea water and is not easily corroded. This variant is designed to still be used after entering the mud or sand. There are three variants: M1 with a long barrel and folding stock; M2 with the short barrel and folding stock, and M5 Commando .
  • Sabhara V1-V2 - Development of a variant is devoted to the police, namely the need to cripple the ability of not killing. This variant uses a bullet 7.62 x 45 mm PT Pindad.

Type Assault Rifle
Native country  Indonesia
Historical usage
Period of use 1991-present
Used by Indonesia
At war The conflict in Aceh , East Timor and Papua
Production history
Year 1991
Producer PT Pindad
Produced 1991
Variants See Variants
Weight 4.01 kg (empty)
Long 997 mm

Magazen 5.56 x 45 mm NATO , .223 Remington
Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm
Mechanism Gas-operated , rotating bolt
Average ² shots 700 grains / minute
Bullet velocity 710 m / s
Effective range 450 m
Ammunition Magazen Boxes 30-item
Sights Shooting iron , telescopic shots (depending on variant)

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