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Kamis, 07 April 2011

Work at Oil & Gas Contractor (Migas)

Work-work-work and work hard is the motto. Wake up before and go to office with eyes still not 100% open, go to office/ site not see sunrise and go home also not see sunset so no see sunlight everyday, that is the term. six to six that is normal work time, but in the oil & gas construction is always  not normal. Almost everyday we must work overtime, maybe for the young man is not effected but for the people that is work for along time in oil & gas that is make bored. Limited schedule, pressure of work and high risk during work will be increase disease like stress, colestrol and heart disease. Need balance in the work, work hard but balance with sport and health food or vitamin. Some worker even must leave the family because the site location is far from their living or maybe the site is in offshore. For company worker the work schedule maybe still relevant, they work 2 week and will be off 2 week also. But for contractor worker ? 2 even 3 month is ordinary in their life just for looking money for family. Some smart worker invest their salary to anticipate if some time no job, because usualy contractor worker is only contract basic, depent the project duration. half year, 1 year and maybe 2 year is maximal to finish the project. So, what the other work ? are they invest some their salary for the future or their work in oil & gas until old....that is not my choice!!! 

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